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Getting Rid Of A Junk Car Without Spending Money In The Process

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If you have an old vehicle on your property, and you are ready to unload it to improve the appearance of your land, the amount it will cost for its removal may be a concern. There are several ways you can have a junked vehicle removed from your property without having to spend a penny to do so. Here are a few ideas you can use to get an old vehicle off your land without paying for a tow truck in the process.

Sell The Vehicle For Parts

If you wish to make a few dollars for your vehicle, selling it is always an option. Advertise the make and model of the vehicle you are trying to get rid of on flyers, newspaper classified ads, social media postings, or online auctions to entice others with the same vehicle to purchase yours for parts. Make sure to alert any potential buyers that you would like the entire vehicle removed from your property at the buyer's expense. This may cause you to receive lower offers for your vehicle, but you would still come out with money in your pocket instead of having to pay money for the vehicle's removal.

Call A Junk Car Removal Service

A great way to get rid of a junked vehicle is with the help of an auto recycling center. They will give compensation in exchange for the vehicle. This will be calculated with a per pound payment, making heavier vehicles receive more money for their exchange. Many junk car removal services will haul away the vehicle directly to their facility if it is not in running order. Simply give the service a call and request a pickup. There may be a fee for the towing of the vehicle, but it will be deducted from the amount you will receive for the metal, making it a way to remove the vehicle without paying for the tow as a result. Many of these services will advertise their "cash for junk cars" services on local billboards, in flyers, and online.

Consider Donating The Vehicle

Donating your vehicle is another way to have it removed from your property without having to pay to have it hauled away. Consider calling local firehouses to see if they would like to come pick up the vehicle to be used for fire training of new firefighters. There are several online donation companies you can contact to have a tow truck come to your property to collect your vehicle. The company will give you a document proving you had made a contribution to their cause, allowing you to file a donation form with your Federal income taxes.