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3 RV Custom Additions You Don't Want To Live Without

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You want your RV to be as comfortable and convenient for you to use as possible. A few customized modifications to your traveling vehicle can make this temporary living space much more enjoyable. Here are 3 RV custom additions you will never want to be without again.

Storage sliding trays

Sliding trays installed in the cargo area of your RV (where you store your generator, propane tanks, or even luggage) can come in handy for a variety of functions. You can use a pull-out sliding tray to house picnic items like a table when you stop your RV for a break while traveling. You can also use it for the useful function of keeping your generator or propane tanks off the ground when in use. Simply place your items on the sliding tray and lock it into place, or slide the items into the cargo area for safe storage. A company like Radauto can help you find the best sliding tray for your RV.

Custom cover

Your RV is susceptible to lots of weather damage when it is left out in the elements. It can also become damaged or destroyed by rodents chewing through carpeting, wires, and bedding. You can prevent this by having a custom cover made for your RV. The right cover blocks out the sun's rays and keeps moisture, mold, and mildew from forming inside your RV when it's not in use. Your local RV dealership can recommend a custom cover for your RV's make and model.


If your RV flooring is old, outdated, or completely worn out, you may think you have to trade your model in for a new one to get that fresh, welcoming feel under your feet. Instead of getting a new RV or placing rugs over worn or cracked areas in your flooring, you can replace your flooring entirely to give your RV a whole new look. A carpenter can remove and replace flooring in common areas that wear out, such as hallways and showers, to give your RV a more inviting appeal. Flooring options include:

  • simulated tile
  • plush carpeting
  • linoleum
  • laminate wood flooring

There are many ways you can customize your RV so it is more comfortable and functions in a more useful manner. Whether you need a sliding tray to house and organize items or important fuel supplies or you want to give your RV a minor upgrade, customizing your traveling vehicle is a great way to allow you to enjoy it for many more years.