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2 Modifications That Can Help You Create The Perfect Bug Out Vehicle

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One of the most vital parts of any prepper's disaster plan is a vehicle that can tackle just about any terrain in order to get his or her friends and family to safety until the disaster passes. While there are many great bug out vehicle options available, most of them can use a bit of modification if you want to create the perfect vehicle for your disaster plan. Skid plates and a lifted suspension are a few aftermarket parts that can improve your bug out vehicle.

Skid Plates

One of the most important things that you will want to do to any bug out vehicle is make it more durable. This is because a bug out vehicle should be able to handle going off-road if necessary in order to avoid obstacles and debris from a disaster, or simply in order to reach a remote bug out location. In many cases, going off-road can pose a risk to your vehicle due to the rocks and other items that may be waiting to damage your vehicle and leave you stranded. 

Thankfully, skid plates can help you avoid damage when going off-road by providing a layer of protection for your vehicle's vital components. Installing a skid plate near the back of your vehicle will protect your rear axle and fuel tank while a skid plate near the front of the vehicle will protect your brake lines and engine. You can even install a skid plate in the middle of your vehicle to protect your fuel lines.

Lifted Suspension

Another great modification is a lifted suspension. A lifted suspension will be able to give your vehicle more clearance, which will enable you to deal with more extreme obstacles. 

However, this is a modification that you will want to be cautious with as lifting your vehicle too high can result in a vehicle that is more prone to rolling over if it involved in an accident. In addition, a vehicle that is lifted too much can end up costing you a lot of money.

For example, a lifted vehicle produces more drag, which results in decreased fuel efficiency. Also, if you lift your vehicle too much, you could end up having to buy specialty tires, which will cost a lot more than standard-sized tires.

Visit your local mechanic or aftermarket parts dealer today in order to discuss which modifications are recommended for your vehicle. A bug out vehicle with a lifted suspension and skid plates is going to be a great addition to any disaster prepper's plan.