Tracking Down Inexpensive Auto Parts

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Learn How To Easily Remove Commonly Needed Auto Parts From Salvaged Cars

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When it is time to make repairs on your vehicle, one of the most expensive aspects of the repairs is the cost of parts. There are some parts that need to be bought in brand new condition and some that can be bought used so that you can save some money on the overall cost for the repairs. Salvage yards can often be a great place to get used parts for very low prices. Learn which parts are the easiest to remove from salvaged vehicles on your own in the guide that follows.

Driver and Passenger Front Seats

The front seats in a vehicle are often held to the car by bolts under the seat. Pull the lever on the side of the seat and roll the seat as far to the front of the car as you can. Remove those bolts with a socket wrench. Pull the lever and roll the seat back as far as it will go and remove the two bolts under the front of the seat that hold it to the vehicle. The seat is now free and you can pull it from the car.


On the top of the bumper, there will be a thin strip of plastic that hides clips and screws that secure the bumper to the car. Remove the strip, and reveal the screws and clips. Use a screwdriver to turn the screws counterclockwise to loosen them. Carefully unclip the clips from the car and pull the bumper free.


To remove a hood from a car, you first need to open it. There should be a small rod that runs along the side or front of the car's frame directly under the hood. Pull the rod up and place it into the small hole in the hood. This will hold the hood open. There will be two bolts holding the hood to the frame of the car. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove each bolt. The hood will now be free from the frame. Both sides of the hood will need to be lifted at once, so you may need to ask a friend or attendant at the salvage yard to help you lift the hood.

Once you have removed the items from the salvage yard, you can take them to your mechanic for him or her to use to repair your vehicle. Most mechanics have no problem using used auto parts for their repairs because it allows them to get the job done sooner because they do not have to wait for parts to be delivered.